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About us

In 1970 Paco Tora decided to create his own brand after many years of designing and manufacturing handbags, belts and other fashion


Paco Tora’s philosophy is their 'Strength of Design' in vibrant colours, and creating enduring fashion pieces that represent the passion of

the Spanish culture.

Paco Tora is committed to giving woman confidence with fashionable and timeless accessories designed in the Brands unique style.

The products are designed in Spain and in the last few years the Company has implemented modern production techniques incorporating new materials such as synthetics and textiles.

It has always been very important to the founder to showcase the support of his wife Susi, who has been by his side for decades whilst

taking care of their children.

The name “Susi” was adorned on the handles and in the interior of the bags showing the deep bond between them.

For Paco Tora, Susi is the soul that will always shine through in their designer products.